According to some sources, the IRS is currently behind by millions of tax returns; however, this isn’t necessarily abnormal. At this time of year, the IRS is typically behind by about 1 million returns. Americans who file paper returns are more likely to have a delayed tax return, per usual. Let’s take a look at what you can do to help make sure you receive your refund as soon as possible.

How Should I File My 2021 Tax Return?

It is highly recommended that taxpayers “e-file” their 2021 tax return and request their refunds through direct deposit; if you’re looking to get your refund as soon as possible, this is your best bet. However, for some individuals, electronic tax filing doesn’t seem as appealing as working on paper or with a tax agent. If you submit a paper return, you will be more likely to have a delayed tax return.

What Will Complicate My 2021 Tax Return?

First and foremost, make sure that every number you report is accurate and matches any documentation provided to you by the IRS. Misreporting (even by accident) numbers will get your return flagged, causing even more delays. Pay special attention to the IRS letters you received recently; these numbers will be used to crosscheck what’s on your tax return.

For some taxpayers, the numbers on their IRS letters were incorrect. In this case, report the actual amounts to the best of your ability; your return will probably be flagged, but at least the proper number will be in your return and it won’t be sent back to you for altering.

What Can I Do Prevent a Delayed Tax Return?

  • Save copies of all of your paperwork. This will help you or your tax helper identify any issues and fix them right away. 
  • Additionally, it is recommended that you consider tax filing electronically.
  • Compare the dollar amount you received for the third stimulus check and the Advance CTC with your bank account. Print out statements for your records. Use these numbers when reporting your amounts on your tax return.
  • Contact your tax agent to see if there is anything they need you to do.

File your 2021 tax return as soon as possible; the sooner you file, the sooner you’ll get your refund.  If you need help with your 2021 return, get in touch with the tax experts at NTRC Tax & Finance today.

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