W-2’s in hand? Check!

Student loan interest form in hand? Check!

List of itemized deductions in hand? Check!

The names denoting a time all paying citizens know all too well, Tax Season. Some of you may be reeling with excitement, expectant of a sizeable tax return, while others procrastinate, searching for a way to avoid paying Uncle Sam. Regardless of your disposition, get rid of the wait game and look into a Tax Advance.

In the past, how long did it take to receive your tax return? Assuming you receive your W-2’s the first week of February and your tax appointment is scheduled for the third or fourth week of February, the earliest you’ll see your tax returns is mid-March. That’s being optimistic. This doesn’t bode well if you planned a vacation during the off season, January through April, does it? Heck, you need to enjoy the fruits of your labor…to bask in the pristine oceans of the Caribbean. Maximize your purchasing power during the off season, and get your tax return early with a tax advance.

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In prosperous or difficult economic times, your hard earned money is best suited in your hands. You pay the government enough money in taxes, why allow them to accumulate interest on your tax return? You may be thinking, “I’m not getting a tax return but I could really use some money to pay past due bills.” You may or may not receive a tax return, but a tax advance can provide financial relief for a few months, until you receive that overtime check you’ll work in the coming months. We’re all hurting for money, creditors are no different. Use the tax season to leverage your financial situation.

You may face dire financial times with little savings in the bank, a less than stellar credit score or limited resources to stay afloat. You may abhor the banking system and the products they offer, personal loans and credit cards. You’re not alone. A nation of people is trying to find the means to survive, let alone thrive. Take back some of that power the government is gradually removing, and put some money in your pocket with a tax advance.

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