In a perfect world, we would all be flawlessly organized and have every single important document in a labeled file folder ready to take to your accountant for your end of year personal or quarterly business taxes. However, we don’t live in a perfect world—so it may take time to get your essential documents in order.

Personal Tax Documents

Below is a basic list of the personal documents you must prepare for your 2019 taxes, which are due by April 15, 2020. This may vary depending on your income qualified deductions and individual tax strategy. If you are itemizing your deductions, you may need more receipts and documents.

  • W2
  • Last Year’s Tax Return
  • Bank Statements
  • Credit Card Statements
  • Healthcare Statements
  • Insurance Policies
  • Investment Statements
  • Receipts For Charitable Donations
  • College Tuition Statement (if you are the student)
  • IRA Contributions Dating Back To The Last Quarter Of 2018
  • Deeds Of Sale Or Purchase for Major Purchases
  • Documents For Major Life Events: Marriage, Divorce, Legal Separation, Child Birth, Adoption, Foster Care, Purchasing a Home, Death Certificates for your spouse, etc.


Business Tax Documents

Ideally, you have already set in place a tax planning strategy. If not, 4th quarter deductions will be maximized, and a long-term financial strategy can be put in place for the 2019 calendar year. Even if this is not the end of your fiscal year, you must gather the business documents below:

  • Receipts for Inventory, Office Supplies, Advertising, Petty Cash, Business Meals, Client & Employee Gifts, Repairs, and Travel & Transportation Expenses.
  • Bank & Credit Card Statements
  • Payroll Data & Employee Commissions
  • Contractor Data
  • Cancelled Checks
  • Utility Records
  • Rent & Mortgage Records—this includes your brick and mortar location, storage spaces, and even qualified equipment and machinery.
  • Asset Records
  • Qualified Employee Benefit Program Documents

The lists above are a good starting point, but may not be all-inclusive. To determine what you must bring with you, schedule a free 15-minute new client consultation with a member of the NTRC Tax & Finance team.

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