Are you anxious for this year’s tax season to kick off? We certainly are! Here at NTRC Tax & Finance, we’re your one-stop source for all things tax-related – especially this time of year. Remember to contact the tax team here in Stone Mountain at NTRC Tax & Finance for help filing your taxes this year. Now, let’s take a look at this year’s tax deadlines. So, when are taxes due this year?

When Are Taxes Due?

The tax deadlines for this year are similar to every year – however, the 15th would fall on a Saturday this year. This is going to push the tax filing deadline forward to the next Tuesday:

When Are Personal Taxes Due?

The Federal Tax Filing Deadline

The federal tax filing deadline for 2023 is April 18th. This is different from the usual April 15th deadline due to a weekend this year.

This also means that April 18th is your last day to file an extension.

If you are filing with an extension, you have until October 16th to file your federal return.

The Georgia Tax Filing Deadline

Likewise, our state tax filing deadline for 2023 is April 18th.

When Are Taxes Due for Businesses?

Quarter 4 Estimated Taxes

Don’t forget that quarter four’s estimated taxes were due in by January 17th. If you missed this deadline, and are required to pay quarterly taxes, you may incur a fee soon.

Sole Proprietors (Contractors & Freelancers)

The filing deadline for sole proprietors for 2023 is April 24th.

Partnerships, Multimember LLCs, & S-Corps

The filing deadline for partnerships, multimember LLCs, and S-corps for 2023 is March 15th.

When Are Taxes Due for C-Corps?

The filing deadline for C-corps for 2023 is April 17.

When Will The IRS Begin Accepting Returns?

This year, the IRS will begin accepting federal returns on January 23rd. You may not have your W-2 by then, and that’s fine – employers have until February 1st to send these out to employees.

When Is the Final Day for 401K Contributions?

Your last day to add tax-deductible contributions to your 401K plan is April 18th.

Have Questions About This Year’s Due Dates?

Do you have questions about this year’s tax season? Get in touch with our team of professional tax experts here at NTRC Tax & Finance. We can start discussing your tax return today!

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